How do I get the creamy skin look in my photos?

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Question from Tina: “When you are editing in lightroom how do you get that creamy skin look?”

Renae: I heal the skin flakes and mask back the reds and yellows and run some portraiture and reduce opacity and voila

Tina:  Hi, I am looking for warm creamy tones I just can seem to get it. here is the link to my page maybe you can see what I mean. Tina Wiebe Photography it has really been bugging me that I just can get it!

Tina:  My images seem to never look professional I really love the way that Brooke Bustillos edits her photos but I just can’t figure out how to do it.

Christina: I normally use the brush on the skin and then slide the clarity down until it looks nice and creamy, not plastic.

Denise:  I do my final skin toning/smoothing edits in Ps. Export two raw copies with all adjustments from LR, one with reduced clarity. Layer them in PS, make a mask of reduced clarity version, invert and erase areas I want softened. You can do the same thing with an inverted high pass filter, too, but I like the results from the Lr clarity version better. Or you can use try the portraiture plug in from Imagnomic.

Jodie: I use the Subltle Skin Smoothing brush from Pretty Presets. Their brushes are great. I can adjust it to the amount I want. You can get their Brush packs for I think 10 bucks.

Erin: I also use the Pretty Presets adjustment brushes. They are A-MAZ-ING!

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