Texas Photographer of the Week: Hessel Photography

About Dawn Hessel: 

I am a mom.  I love art, I love crafts and I love photography.  While I have always had a passion for capturing unique and special photographic moments, even as a young child, it wasn’t until my first daughter was born that I took that passion and ran with it!

Tips from this session:

As you can see from the pull back, I have very little room to work with as my “field” of flowers was between a fence with sidewalk and the street.  Not to mention it was a rather narrow patch to begin with.  To the left of the flowers was open sky, on the opposite side was a bank of trees and houses, to the right it was a narrow patch of sky where the road went.  The sun was setting on the opposite side of the “field” behind the trees, so even right before golden hour started, I was still able to get good, golden lighting and the open sky provided plenty of light to illuminate their faces.
I placed both girls facing towards the open sky on the left and in a few wanted some side lighting, so moved them to be looking at the trees.  Since it was such a small area to work in, I found a slightly open area on the edge of the flowers to place them and their props.  By placing them on the edge and standing slightly above them, having them look up at me, I was able to avoid any background distractions of fence, road, sidewalk, rocks, etc.  This gave the illusion that the girls were seated in a large field of gorgeous flowers!  By being aware of my angles and lighting, I was able to create beautiful images in an area that most people would consider un-usable or distracting.
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