Featured Photographer: Tracy Waitkus Photography

Black-on-White-Trimmed-Down-300x141 Hi! I am Tracy! I’ve been in business as a portrait and performing arts photographer for three years here on the central coast of California. This was my first experience with prom photography, and I got to experiment with my own daughter and her date. We drove a short distance to a local resort that has a beautiful garden area. At first I was worried there might be too much green, but it actually worked out quite well. I look forward to shooting more prom couples in the future!”

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Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_1 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_9 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_7 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_2 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_8 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_6 Tracy_Waitkus_Photography_3 BP4U_Freebie_Ad

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  1. Esther

    These photos look amazing! God bless you!