Featured Photographer: Hey_Lee Photography

face_2 Hi! I am Hey_Lee! Photography and my goal as a photographer is, and has always been, to make girls see the beauty within themselves through fun and glamorous photographs. I started shooting in high school where my subjects were all of my non-model friends.

I quickly realized how insecure young women are and how a simple portrait can boost confidence immeasurably. Now, I shoot everything including wedding, fashion, portraiture, travel, and landscapes.

Find more of my work on the Web: Facebook / Instagram  heyleephotography 11 heyleephotography 10 heyleephotography_1 heyleephotography 6 heyleephotography 5 heyleephotography 8 heyleephotography 7 heyleephotography 9 BP4U_Freebie_Ad

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  1. I love the photographer’s inspiration for shooting photos of women. Negative body image and bad self-esteem cab be very hard things for girls to overcome but seeing a beautiful photographs of themselves is definitely a great way to start instilling self-love. The photos are gorgeous and attention-grabbing; it’s hard to find something not to love about them.