Featured Photographer: Dakodachrome

2016-04-29_10-08-02 My name is Dakota Flora! I am a Richmond based landscape/portrait photographer. Since picking up a camera in 2012 I have found it very hard to put it down, photographing everything I could and dedicating myself to learning as much as possible. I focused the majority of my attention on the landscapes of the Blue Ridge, where I was already accustomed to hiking, and the city in which I live. I am currently in the portfolio building phase of my portrait photography journey, and am loving the challenge of blending sunlight, strobe lighting, and motion to create dynamic action packed photographs.

                                                               Find more of my work on the Web: Facebook / Instagram 

Dakodachrome_A Riders Love (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_Horse whisperer (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_North Carolina_Linville Falls (1 of 1)
Dakodachrome_North Carolina_Price Lake (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_North Carolina_Wiseman's View (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_Riding into the Sunset (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Acres Maybe (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_First Class View Economy Seating (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Last Light on Main Street (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Lost Connection (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Main Street Station From Libby Hill (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Suspended (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_RVA_Water Under the Bridge (1 of 1) Dakodachrome_Senior Portrait (1 of 1)
Dakodachrome_Senior Portrait Libby Hill 2 (1 of 1) BP4U_Freebie_Ad

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  1. Aimee

    These are so awesome- just love the lighting!!

  2. Lisa Gorton

    These images are dynamic and they draw you in so you feel you are a part of the scene. Beautiful work!